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About Access Alliance – The Aim of the Group is to encourage and advise all service providers to make the service they offer to the public accessible to all, what ever disability they may have i.e. A Barrier Free Environment?

Members of the group are people who have various  disabilites and their supporters who experience access problems every day of their lives and can advise how simple adjustments can improve their way of life. The group has registered charity status (registered charity number 1087696) which means that we are answerable to the Charities Commission and our financial and other affairs which may be seen on the commissions website and can be found at www.charity-commission.gov.uk

Membership to our group is FREE and open to anyone.

This web site is produced by members

We have received from NEWSQUARE Parking Information re Tesco SHORT stay and Primark LONG Stay Car parking information and Charges. Click on pages to view

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New version of BS8300:18 is published 

replacing previous version From 1st February 2018 

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